Council votes to proceed with trail

Council voted to proceed with the Tunnels Trail as a single stage project from Mosgiel through to Caversham. We're underway!

Summed up below by Cr. Rachel Elder, a long-time proponent of the trail, working hard being the scenes:
So excited - Dunedin Tunnels Trail brought forward in the annual plan.
You will all be able to experience the amazing Caversham and Chain Hills Tunnels. In the future you will be able to bike/walk all the way to Waihola and if you are really keen all the way off road to Cromwell and the Roxburgh and Dunstan Trails.
Most of all the people of Caversham, Concord, Green Island, Abbotsford, Fairfield and Mosgiel will have a wonderful cycle/walking trail they will be able to recreate on and use for commuting to and from School and Work on!!! Congratulations Gerard Hyland , Kate Wilson , the Dunedin Tunnels Trail Trust and all those who have advocated and supported this since 2006. As a city councillor it has been a pleasure to advocate for this trail alongside my fellow councillor Steve Walker and the rest of my colleagues to make this happen

Now comes the detailed design-work of exactly where and how the trail will go.  Once the Detailed plan is completed in early 2023, it then is submitted to Waka Kotahi / NZTA for approval and co-funding.